Jun 30

With my new fruit dehydrator, I can now make my own tasty snacks.

Jun 6

My homemade laptop cooler. We a USB powered fan.


Dec 24

have a merry xmas and a happy new year and new posts will be added in 2016.

Dec 19

My counter built from a old VHS record counter, motor, batteries and a switch.


Dec 13

This weekend I have built an electronic siren. When we press the switch, the speaker generated a loud and annoying siren sound.


electric siren

Dec 3

Our robot is ready for Pi Wars.

pi wars


raspberry pi robot

pi b+ robot

robot mouse

Jun 28

Dylan on The Great Pyramid of GizaFor the weekend I when to Egypt and tried to climb the Prymid of Giza. It took me 2hours and 20 minutes but i did it. It killed my legs and i sun burn on my nose. GOT YA.

Actually we used chroma key, with is sometimes called green screen. We didn’t have a green screen so we used a blue screen.

May 31


I was very excited to see if making my own microphone would work. I saw this video on YouTube and wanted to try it myself.

How to make a matchbox microphone

We used a small cardboard box, pencil, battery, headphones and some crocodile clips.


It was not very powerful but it did work.

Feb 22

This is Steve a very happy shy Dino.


Feb 22

A bloody human heart


Sick glue eyes


Smelly brown poo


Green slim sick