Jun 10

Shopping List
To make a bug catcher you will need, these things
1. a glass jar with a lid
2. hot glue gun
3. two pastic pipes that are the same size
4. small piece of material
5. elastic band
6. electric tape
7. drill

Building Instructions
To make the bug catcher. First we drilled two holes the size of the pipe in the lid. second we push the pipes in the holes. Then we use hot glue to fix the pipes in place. Afterthat we took the lid of the jar. We put the small piece of material, we use an elastic band to hold it onto the pipe. We screwed the lid back on. Then we put tape on one of the pipes. The end of building.


Using Instructions
Find some bug, put the pipe above the bug and then suck on the other pipe. The bug will be sucked into the jar.


Have fun with your bug cathers, i hope you will have fun.

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