May 1


Apparatus (what we need)

  • magnets
  • iron filing
  • card board

Method (what we did)
We put a magnet under paper. Then put iron filing over the paper to see the magnetic field.

Then we tested the strength of the magnetic field by counting the number of screws the magnet could pick up.

Prediction (what we think is going to happen)
I though the biggest magnet would pick up more.

Results (table of numbers)

Magnet Number of screws Magnet Size
simple bar magnet 17 2.5cm
round red magnet 39 4cm
red bar magnet 18 2.5cm
round magnet 5 1.5cm


Conclusion (what did we learn)

The invisible ball around a magnet is called the magnetic field. The magnetic field is strongest near the magnet poles.

The bigger the magnet the stronger the magnet. The smaller the magnet the weaker the magnet.

by dylan & andrew seaford

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